Addicted to Diesel - Shirt Series Part 21

Apr 15th 2016

Everyone who's been out on the asphalt knows the familiar smell of diesel but those in the Hammer Lane know something else: How addictive it can be. True addicts remember the first time they smelled an engine blasting coal with its hundreds of horsepower roaring, shaking their whole body. An engine burning hot and clean is a beautiful thing to behold. The bellowing rumble coming down the drag strip or on the highway is an experience not many forget.

Our "Addicted to Diesel" colors mimic the streams of exhaust pumping out of big engines with a charcoal-like heather grey. The design speaks to the heart of the matter: The engine. The preshrunk cotton and polyester mix guarantees a perfect, comfortable fit as well as our always-tagless collars. So, where were you when you became addicted to diesel? Make sure to tell us on social media using the hashtag #HammerLane and share your story with other fuel injection junkies.