Against The Grain - Shirt Series Part 24

Jul 27th 2016

In the heartland of America, people like to do things a little bit differently. Work doesn't start at nine and end at five. It starts when it needs to and ends when the job is done, even if it means walking into a headwind while swatting the tumbleweed out of the way. Mother Nature doesn't wait for anybody, and when you're loaded down with two tons of fresh wheat, you don't have time to punch a clock. Agriculture has a special schedule that goes beyond the smart phone and digital calendar. What goes up the grain elevator must come down, and it's best to make sure your hopper is ready and waiting, no matter what it takes.

The "Against the Grain" design is for all of the drivers and farmers that know crops don't just magically appear in the grocery store. It features an old school Freightliner truck paired with a Hopper ready for the long haul with a bright green back drop. The silos in the distance are just like the ones you'd see dotting the amber waves of grain and barley across the middle of America. Our shirts are made to have the perfect balance of comfort and durability, perfect for those early mornings and long nights. So how do you move "Against the Grain?" Tell us and show us on social media so we can share your story!


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