Allie Knight at the Great American Trucking Show

Aug 27th 2015

Fans of Youtuber Allie Knight will be excited to hear that she's running the premier of the Hammer Lane booth this year at the Great American Trucking Show. Over the past few months she's been an integral part of the new AK line of apparel and there is no doubt the shirts she's put her namesake on are top notch. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the photos of the booth and the new shirts on Hammer Lane's social media pages and website or, if you've made it to the show, stop by and see it for yourself. Also, don't forget to say hi to all the Hammer Lane crew, they can't wait to meet ya! The booth number this year will be #14050.

Heralding from Boston, Allie Knight has been creating and publishing great videos about the life of a trucker in the information age. "I explore the country looking for freight, earning an honest living doing the kinds of driving that make civilized life possible for the rest of us," says Allie on the front page of her very popular Youtube channel. In her videos you can find footage of truck shows, truck stops and other driver friendly destinations across the country. She'll also go in depth explaining how drivers handle life on the road and the different challenges the lifestyle brings.

We are so fortunate to have met such an inspiring driver in Allie Knight and hope the future holds a lot of good things for those of us dedicated to staying in the Hammer Lane.