America's Engine - Shirt Series Part 12

Jun 17th 2015

A truck needs a whole host of parts to run, but no part is more important than the engine. The slab of metal in the middle is the heartbeat. It's what moves the gears, burns the fuel and turns the tires. When someone talks about their truck, generally the first statement made is about the horsepower and brand of engine that is sitting under the hood. Some people don't even mention the make and model, simply referring to their truck as a CAT or a Cummins.

Like a truck, America is made up of a bunch of different parts that all work together to keep things moving. But when it comes to necessity, truckers take the cake. Without trucks on the road the groceries don't make it to the shelves, the tools to the hardware stores and the concrete to the construction sites. Try loading ten tons of asphalt into a minivan- it ain't gonna happen. At Hammer Lane we wanted to make a shirt that celebrates both America and the drivers who keep things moving. Trucks, to us, are as American as the Fourth of July and apple pie.

As always, if you have a truck you love or someone you know loves his or her truck, share it with us on social media with #HammerLane in the post.


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