Jun 26th 2018

Truckers have a lot in common with our cowboy ancestors. Mounted upon trusted, diesel-hungry steeds of chrome, the grueling lifestyle of wrangling hauls echoes the expeditions made by Texas cattle ranchers of the 19th century. A constant balancing act, Cattle Hoarders tread a fine line between the weight of their cattle and the speed at which they could be delivered. That same dilemma manifests itself today with the duel of speed versus the cost of diesel.

This shirt parts homage to the special connection these two honorable professionals have. The Western-style font of the word Cowboy—and lassos that underline it—embrace the iconic lifestyle of an American Cowboy. While you're out there roaming this beautiful country of ours, be sure you check in with us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to share your stories of life on the open road!