Bikini State - Shirt Series Part 11

Apr 21st 2015

The sign you'll see driving into Florida declares it as "The Sunshine State" full of citrus groves, palm trees and beautiful beaches. What you'll figure out for yourself after one trip to the glimmering coast is what the state should really be called: The Bikini State. Florida is home to some of the best stretches of sand in the world and with that comes gorgeous women donning bikinis and sweet smelling tanning oils. One long haul down the Florida coastline, with the windows down and the sun shining, and you'll see why the nickname has stuck. In this state it isn't just something to wear at the beach, it's a way of life that everyone can appreciate and well worth the potential sunburn.

Being Hammer Lane's home ground, we had to make a shirt that reflects the Florida we love. So we used bright colors, a beautiful truck and a woman who knows how to rock a bikini. We understand the Florida sun can be pretty intense so we've designed the shirt's base in a light white, complimenting the lime green of the state license and a tangerine Peterbilt. We've also included a sleeveless option to really beat the heat. Sometimes we know that you gotta roll the windows down on your shirt! As always, if you love the design, or have some great shots of the Florida coast, make sure to share with us on social media.