Cattle Drive - Shirt Series Part 5

Feb 4th 2015

The Cattle Drive is a deeply embedded part of American culture. Most people imagine thousands of cows stampeding across the heartland, tended to by a group of cowboys. What a lot of people don't stop to realize is the hard work and dedication it takes to get these creatures from the grassland to their new locations across the country. Hauling cattle is a tough job full of long drives, bad smells and noisy passengers. Because you have live cargo, every minute on the road is important. Many Bull Haulers see the whole process through, helping get the cattle onto their vehicle at the ranch, ensuring their health and safety during the trip through stops and checkups, and finally making sure everyone is good and accounted for on the drop off. Because of the hands-on nature of the profession, haulers build long lasting, reliable relationships with farmers and their business.

Bull hauling tends to be a generational practice: Father passing on the trade to son and so forth. It's a tough and dirty job but, as any driver will tell you, rewarding and lucrative. With this shirt you can let the world know you were built to drive cattle, just like our cowboy ancestors did.