Jul 20th 2016

Before we had the digital alarm clock, there stood the rooster. Chickens used to set the tone for the morning by getting everyone to the breakfast table right as the sun cracked the horizon, and to top it all off, they’d always have some delicious eggs ready for a proper country omelet. Even though the rooster is now more of a symbol than a morning necessity, it doesn’t stop truckers from carrying on their spirit while out on the road. Sometimes, it means taking shortcuts to save a few minutes, or hauling a clucking truckload of hens from the farm to the table. It can even be when they have more lights than sense on their trailer. Most drivers keep it to themselves but if they’re asked you can expect the reply, “It’s a chicken thang.”

Hammerlane’s “Get Cocky” shirt features an eternal symbol of morning, the rooster, with Ray French’s yolk yellow 02’ Peterbilt aptly named “Chicken Thang.” At the top of the design is a weather-vane to see which way the wind is blowing, and it’s all wrapped up in a wispy farmhouse framing. If you know your way around a hen-house or you have a cocky story to tell, let us know on social media, and as always, see you in the Hammer Lane!