Diesel Dog - Shirt Series Part 10

Mar 18th 2015

Old dogs never die, they just find new masters. Mack trucks have built a reputation on dependability, longevity and loyalty so we wanted to design a shirt that shows off that legacy with a staunch bulldog, steel grey hue and classic truck outline. Most truck drivers and four wheelers know the iconic bulldog but it takes a real gear-head to understand the power and dependability of a Mack engine. These trucks, with proper maintenance, can be passed down for generations racking up millions of hard-earned miles. You rarely see a Mack truck in a front yard collecting rust and dust.

The classic R Model truck is featured on the shirt as it was the flagship of the brand for the better half of a century. The R Series was rolled out in 1966 and was manufactured steadily until it was finally phased out in 2005. Even though they aren't being built on the assembly line anymore, it isn't surprising to see an R model roaming the roads and municipalities of the south. These old dogs will work as long as they continue to be cared for by their loyal owners. If you've got a great bulldog story make sure to share it with us on social media! We want to hear from the fans of this great brand of vehicles.