Do You Even Shift Bro? - Shirt Series Part 14

Jul 27th 2015

Shifting ain't easy, any trucker will tell you. It's an art that takes time and practice and it's one that you never stop improving on. Even with the advancements in transmissions and computer technology, an experienced driver is required to get the most out of a truck. Proper shifting technique can save gas, time and lives. Being a truck driver and knowing your way around the many gears of a big rig makes you part of a community that can utter with confidence, "Do you even shift bro?" Why shift through five gears when you can shift through eighteen?

Our shirt design features a classic two stick setup, something many newer drivers will never see outside of a museum. The twin sticks are sign of a time when trucking was more akin to the wild west, where every driver needed to know how to drive, shift and fix their transmission if they wanted to make it. The white on charcoal grey setup speaks loudly about the message on the shirt. You either shift well and shift often or you don't at all. At Hammer Lane we support everyone who knows the life, like our friend Allie Knight, and we want to pay tribute with this new design. Tell us your gear-turning stories on social media with the Hashtag #HammerLane and make sure to keep asking, "Do you even Shift Bro?"