Eat. Sleep. Drive. Repeat. - Shirt Series Part 20

Feb 17th 2016

Eat. Sleep. Drive. Repeat.

For truckers, it is so much more than a catchy saying branded on a t-shirt. For us, it is a way of life, representing and defining us. It’s a mantra shown with pride, like the callused hands of those who aren’t afraid of a long day’s hard work.
Ask anybody who's been working the roadways and they’ll tell you: It takes a special set of skills to be successful. One of those skills is the ability to launch yourself into the driver's seat and get lost in the whir of the tires and smell of diesel fumes. Trucking isn't just a series of sprints, it's a marathon. It's Eat. Sleep. Drive and Repeat. You know exactly how far you have between stops, how much time you have to cook up a meal (or microwave one, we don't judge) and when and where you're going to count some sheep.

Before every long haul, there’s a process unique to every trucker; a formula forged from necessity and prior failures. Here’s a few steps to check-off before you tackle the hammerlane:

  1. Trucking Clothes – Always be sure to have plenty of clothes to meet all your trucking and seasonal needs. Here at Hammerlane, we can help you check that box.
  2. Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Laundry Detergent, and Paper Towels to name of few.
  3. Trucking Essentials – Electronic Chargers, Atlas and/or Maps, Emergency kits/clothing, and a Tool Box.
  4. Document Envelopes – Store all your important information like License & registration, invoices, shipping orders, and work-expense reports in a safe, easy-to-access place.
  5. Food and Sleep – You can’t do one half of the mantra without the other. To live life in the Hammerlane, you gotta eat and sleep well. So, pack some nutritious snacks and foods to save both time and money. And when it’s time to hunt sheep, make sure you’re comfortable with a nice pillow and sleeping bag/bed.

The Eat Sleep Drive Repeat design was made with the long-hauler in mind. The crisp text shows you mean business and the comfortable fit insures your clothes don’t get in the way of progress. Each step of the tale-tell trucker's formula is highlighted like buttons on your smart-phone. So, this is where you come in: Make sure to show us on social media how you live the shirt's mantras. Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HammerLane, or leave us some comments below!