Hammer Lane Original - Shirt Series Part 8

Feb 26th 2015

A rare group of people are born in the Hammer Lane, others, with time; realize it is where they need to be. They throw on the blinker, put the pedal down, and hit the lane full force. The Hammer Lane and our brand represent the desire to push yourself farther and farther each day, to always give your full effort, and to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Hammer Lane Apparel began with the design that is featured on this shirt and a goal for this same design to reflect the values of our brand and the passion of our customers. 

The Original tee is for the everyday super heroes that want the best for themselves and their family and are willing to make the sacrifices to provide for them as leaders. This is the shirt that started what we hope becomes a long tradition of quality designs for the people we know and love.