Hanging Iron - Shirt Series Part 3

Dec 30th 2014

Our newest shirt continues the trend of representing the tougher side of the trucking industry. A lot of people don't know the ins and outs of trucking under harsh conditions and you'd be hard pressed to find a stranger that could tell you what "Hanging Iron" means, in regards to trucks. Hopefully, this shirt can change some of that, with a glacier blue design and mean looking big rig. Wearing this thing you'll be cooler than black ice.

For those that don't know, hanging iron is slang for a truck that is equipped with tire chains. When you're hauling thousands of pounds of goods, every bit of grip can be the difference between sliding off the road and making it to payday. The chains dig into the snow and ice and keep the tires from sliding. It isn't an easy process, as the chains can be heavy and difficult to attach, but the show must go on. 

If you are interested in this shirt for yourself or a loved one, click the image above or click the link here. If you've got a great story about a time that hangin' iron saved your skin make sure to share with us on social media or the comment section on our blog below.


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