Keep on Trucking - Shirt Series Part 18

Jan 6th 2016

Trucking can throw a lot of curve-balls at you: Sometimes it's a swirling snowstorm and sometimes it's a thrown piston. What's important though, no matter the hardship, is the age old mantra "Keep On Trucking." No matter where you herald from, truckers know you gotta keep moving.

There isn't a better representation of perpetual motion than a vintage Mack Truck. A driver who takes a slow and steady approach, with a keen hand, can take one of these timeless trucks for millions of miles. They just don’t quit. The Hammer Lane "Keep On Trucking" shirt tries to capture the classic feel of some old diesel while still giving the impression this isn't your first time around a Mack. The light olive green can make you feel right at home in the evergreens of the Pacific Northwest or the Pines of the South. The comfortable fit will make sure you wear it again and again, mile after mile. If you think you've got a great example of using the "Keep on Trucking" motto make sure to let us know on social media! You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tagging your posts with #HammerLane.