Jun 24th 2016

A nickname can say a lot about something or someone. You can earn one yourself from a legendary night out with friends, or secretly use one for the motorcycle you’ve been working on rebuilding for years (It’s Carol, we won’t tell anyone though.) With Kenworth trucks, they’ve earned their nickname through years of being large and in charge. Get on the radio with any truck driver and mention a K-Whopper, and there will be no confusion as to what you’re talking about. Kenworth trucks are big, sturdy, and have a way of catching eyes when they pull onto the asphalt. Many of them last for generations, carrying on the legacy of the K-Whopper name as a big-bad hunk of chrome, grease, and diesel. 

The K-Whopper design sticks with its moniker putting a Kenworth W900 front and center. The black, blue and white colors contrast and clash, making this shirt larger than life. The grill may be closer than it appears in your rear-view mirror! As always, Hammer Lane makes its shirts from the best materials, leaving you dry and comfortable while on the road or in the shop. If you love your Kenworth, give us a shout out on social media and tell us why.