Make a Statement in the Hammer Lane

Jun 3rd 2015

At Hammer Lane, we like our designs to tell stories. Each shirt represents a different memory or moment that we want to preserve and share with our customers because we know that each driver has a legend brewing within the churning engine of their truck.

A person's vehicle is their canvas. Every little detail and mark tells something about the driver, from the black fencepost tar stuck to the door handle to the loose tools rattling around the bed of a pickup. The longer we own a vehicle the more badges of courage it gathers. Each nick and ding is a memory preserved in metal, each bumper sticker and decal a story to tell your family and friends. Some artists are rough to their ride, pushing it through roaring hailstorms, salty coastlines and muddy backwoods paths. Others keep the wax on and the dirt off, letting their vehicle's beauty shine in the showroom, driveway or garage. This doesn't mean that the pretty ones always stay home. In the Hammer Lane, we've seen our fair share of chromed out road warriors, sometimes shining so bright you have to put your aviators on.

Another iconic feature you'll see painting trailers and bumpers across the country is the stick-on decal. Made popular by the grandfather of them all, the bumper sticker, rear-window decals are now on almost any type of vehicle. They stick on easy and can make a big statement about your hobbies, your small business or a brand you just love to rep. At Hammer Lane we keep it simple with our logo but nothing would make us happier than seeing them on a whole lot of rear windows. You can pick it up here or try and snag a free on by sending us awesome pics with the #HammerLane hashtag!