Old School - Shirt Series Part 1

Old School - Shirt Series Part 1

Nov 21st 2014

The Kenworth W900A is an iconic truck that continues to stand the test of time. They'll last for million of miles and get handed down from generation to generation, working just as hard for father and mother as for son and daughter. If you ask any owner-operator or driver, especially David Schnautz of Clark Freight Lines, they'll tell you they love their truck. This shirt is a celebration of tradition and how a truck can be more than just a tool to get the job done: It can be a symbol for a love for the open road and for the lifestyle that trucking brings.

We first met David and his truck in person at the Great American Truck Show and seeing it, in all of its chrome and polished glory, showed how an "antique" truck can look just as good as the day it rolled off the lot. There is something inspiring about an old school truck. You can almost feel the miles and places it's been when you sit down at the wheel. When someone takes the time to rebuild one, you have to appreciate the hard work that goes into it. We've tried to immortalize the feeling in this design by showing off the truck in action at a vintage style truck stop. 

If you have an antique truck, or are a fan, please share with us in the comments or on social media. We always want to hear stories about how a truck has been passed down as a family heirloom or about how an old school truck has been fully restored. If you like the shirt, be sure to pick it up by clicking the banner link or by clicking  here.