Oversize Load - Shirt Series Part 16

Sep 22nd 2015

We've all been stuck behind an oversized load, praying for an extra lane to pass it. What most people don't know about, is the guts and know-how it takes to haul one. Many of the most wondrous things humans have produced, from skyscrapers to space shuttles, involved a flatbed driver with nerves of steel. We've made a shirt to celebrate people who appreciate this fact and who like to do things bigger and better than the rest.

The shirt features some classic construction yellows, grays and blacks on a big cab-over truck. Hauled behind it is a monstrous piece of construction equipment rarely seen outside the quarry pit, whose tires stand ten feet tall and dwarf the big rig beneath them. Oversize Load means different things to different people, but to a driver it's all about knowing you can carry the weight and keep on trucking. If you've had an Oversized experience on the road make sure to let us know on social media and tag us with the hastag #HammerLane. 


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