Peter Power - Shirt Series Part 17

Oct 22nd 2015

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, especially when those parts are powering a Peterbilt Truck. Some people brag about how much horsepower they have, some brag about their leather interior- but when you've got a Peterbilt all you have to say is that you run on Peter Power. There aren't many trucks out there that carry the weight Peterbilts do in a conversation. We stay revved up in the Hammer Lane, burning diesel, watts, amps and whatever else we need to get the job done, especially when behind the wheel of a Peterbilt.

We wanted to make a design that shows off one of America's favorite trucks fronted with a grill that is in-your-face. The charcoal black of the shirt mixed with the Pete red make for a stark contrast and an eye popping shirt. Tucked in the center is a charged lightning bolt, a symbol showing how the right truck can get all of our motors running. We know that Pete owners love their trucks so make sure to share your Peter Power story with us on social media tagging it as #PeterPower. We're on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so check in and see where we are and what we're up to!