Skull Hammer - Shirt Series Part 4

Jan 28th 2015

The skull and crossbones was once something you didn't want to see rising over the horizon. Pirates and renegades would fly the iconic white skull, known then as the Jolly Roger, to signal trouble was coming, striking fear into the townsfolk's hearts. The symbol also served as a practical warning, marking poisonous substances and hazardous locations. While we don't condone violence, there is nothing wrong with making a statement.

For this shirt we've put a twist on a classic symbol to show that it's still possible to have your reputation preceed you. The crossbones have been replaced with ball-peen hammers, a tool any machinist or truck driver is all too familiar with. Also, the sleeves have the bone hammer designs printed down the forearms, for an extra splash of white on a jet black shirt. When you are blaring down the highway pumping black diesel smoke, people are gonna get out of your way.

If you think this is the perfect shirt for you or a loved one make sure to tell us why in the comments below! Also, we love hearing stories and seeing pictures of how life in the Hammer Lane has affected you. Make sure to reach out to us on social media to share some stories and make some friends.