West Coast Car Hauler - Shirt Series Part 25

Sep 12th 2016

The West Coast has a long history of car culture: They've been fixing up classic cars since the highways were paved and carved through the Rockies. The bustling factories of post-war Detroit were a long drive away from California so people had to learn to appreciate the models that made the trip. Classic car restoration is a way of breathing new life into a vehicle with crisp paint jobs, chrome fenders and, of course, hydraulics. A Chevy Impala riding low and slow is an iconic and common sight in a San Diego suburb. But anyone who's bottomed out a brand new fender knows low-riding ain't easy. Sometimes you gotta pony up and call in a specialist to get where you need to be. So get your ride ready because this Peterbilt is taking your low-rider for a long haul.

Hammerlane's West Coast Low-rider shirt features Erick & Mandy Witham's Peterbilt "The Devil's Darlin" riding high above the Golden State. The bright red classic cars it's bringing along pays tribute to a tough bunch of drivers: car haulers. The truck is full to the top with crimson red beauties complete with aftermarket rims, classic headlights, and convertible tops. Whether you ride on the East Coast or on the West Coast, you can appreciate the design's style. Most cars don't just appear at the dealership, they ride six deep behind a diesel engine. If you love your car hauler or your classic car, make sure to tell us about it, or show it off on social media and as always, stay in the Hammer Lane!