Weigh? No Weigh! - Shirt Series Part 15

Aug 28th 2015

Your pushing through the last hours of a trip, tearing up the road to make good time on a drop off. You're loaded to the brim, the clock is ticking, and on the horizon, what do you see? The brig … read more

Allie Knight at the Great American Trucking Show

Aug 27th 2015

Fans of Youtuber Allie Knight will be excited to hear that she's running the premier of the Hammer Lane booth this year at the Great American Trucking Show. Over the past few months she's be … read more

Do You Even Shift Bro? - Shirt Series Part 14

Jul 27th 2015

Shifting ain't easy, any trucker will tell you. It's an art that takes time and practice and it's one that you never stop improving on. Even with the advancements in transmissions and comput … read more

Ride with Pride - Shirt Series Part 13

Jun 30th 2015

Pride means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can be pride in your career, pride in your family or, especially around this time of year, pride in your country. With the Fourth … read more

America's Engine - Shirt Series Part 12

Jun 17th 2015

A truck needs a whole host of parts to run, but no part is more important than the engine. The slab of metal in the middle is the heartbeat. It's what moves the gears, burns the fuel and turns t … read more